Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Rich in biodiversity, the Mount Cameroon Area is becoming a center for settlement for people from different communities. Considering the Hospitable culture from the inhabitants within this area, easy accessibility to every section of the area, favorable climatic condition, fertile volcanic soil and most of all being a touristic destination. All these has influence the immigration, settlement and natural resource exploitation pattern of this area. In this light, over exploitation, wildlife conflict, indiscriminate natural resource exploitation, agricultural expansion and what have you is leading to the extinction of some prestigious flora and faunae, habitat loss and loss of conservation space etc.

On the other hand, Honey hunting has for long been one of the traditional practice as the majority of the inhabitants relied on wild honey hunting which has other wise been known to be the major source of bush fire and loss of habitat. Considering the importance of this precious liquid; ranging from medicinal, production and nutritional value. Today, Global Hand Cameroon is educating communities on sustainable harvesting of this liquid gold through modern Bee Farming system using the Kenyan Top-Bar Hive (KTBH).

Among the over 41 communities sharing direct boundary with the Mount Cameroon National Park, the introduction of this practice has not been wholly accepted reasons been that some community member can not construct the hive, the KTBH is expensive, some are unable to manage the hives, and the longevity from setting-up and harvesting.

Considering that some of these community members cannot read nor write, we are looking forward to a more practical approach to pass and implement this concept. On realization of this activity, household and community livelihood will improve because these household will have a regular and sustainable income. This activity will equally enhance the interaction between humans and the ecosystem.

Today Global Hand Cameroon has open a pilot farm to promote the culture of modern Bee Farming System. Meanwhile, we look forward to introduce the aspect of transformation of honey and its bi-product thereby adding value to their produce and increasing their individual income.