Friday, 15 May 2015


A Collective and Collaborative Action For Waste Management Within The Mount Cameroon Region

Friday, 8 May 2015


            The social welfare situation of some individuals like in the rural community and the less privilege in the urban communities, town and cities is a call for concern. As population growth push up the necessity and demand for certain social services is eminent. In this regard, one of such areas is the domain of health.
            Considering the over growing demand for food supply nationally and internationally, the rural population strive to balance the equation either by multiplying their labour force through the reproductive sector or by multiplying their efforts. In that light, the work force required to balance the equation is still not very sufficient. Majority of the farmers rely on subsistence agriculture were farming is still not mechanized. In this system of farming, farmers make use of little or no fertilizers, pesticide, insecticide and what have you in ensuring a good and quality harvest.
            With all these challenges, the strive to meet up remains a puzzle. On the other hand, the Cameroon government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is providing grants, training and technical assistance to farmers to boast their out put. Even with such efforts, majority of the key farmers at times do not benefit from these schemes because of lack of information or the inability to meet up the bureaucratic requirements.
            In such dilemmas majority of the victims are the less privilege and the rural masses that constitute the bulk of the agricultural work force. In that light, for this fraction of the population to make ends meet, they require a double man power and in the process they are face with a double jeopardy; families who rely in reproduction for labour force end up consuming a larger quantity of their product and earning little or no income while families that rely on amplifying their efforts ends up over working themselves and sure the health insurance of these category of person carry some question marks.
            On such circumstances, while the government is doing its best to design and program support schemes especially those for the less privilege we make it our responsibility to inform and educate our communities on such opportunities.
            Within the health sector the government of Cameroon and its partners has initiated a health insurance scheme which pays over 50 to 75% hospital bills of its registered members. The scheme was perceived to have been a great relieve to the rural communities and the less privilege but ironically a large proportion of them are not aware of the scheme and if they are aware, they are misinformed.
            Today, Global Hand is taking the challenge with recognition from administrators of the Mutual Health Organization (MHO) to mobilize, educate, sensitize and to see to it that indigenes from the communities register and are making use of the Mutual Health Scheme.
MHO is a community based Health Financing Organization owned and managed by members operating on principles of solidarity, pre-savings and risk sharing against health related risks. With Mutual Health card treatment commerce before payment.
Looking at the benefits related to the scheme we are planning to see that we offer our best to the communities meanwhile we are also looking forth to mobilize some resources towards the success of this initiative.
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