Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Sure we must have heard and to some perhaps visited Cameroon. while for those who have never had this opportunity, it will be interesting for you to know that it gives me pleasure to talk to others about this wonderfully Blessed and well structured country - Africa in Miniature (Cameroon).  

Cameroon, ...... from the world atlas shares boundary with Nigeria in the West, Chad in the North, Central Africa in the East, with Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the South and the Atlantic Ocean in the South West corner of Cameroon. Cameroon being a transit country for travelers of different profession and activities as well as its shipping opportunity in a variety of ports within the country also makes transportation net work very flexible when combine the two international air ports in Douala and Yaounde as well as the developed and improved road net work.

With all this, the over 22 million people living in the country likewise visitors find pleasure and excitement to be here. for some time now, information on the unrest in some of our neighboring countries have spread all over the globe and people have got to live in doubt on whether peace still exist in this Blessed country Cameroon and the answer remains yes. We all are aware of unrest in our neighboring countries which to an extend has stretch to some areas of our boarders but with the help of the law enforcement authorities all attempt to out stretch violence in to the country has being in vein and the country remains peaceful.Thus, the sociopolitical and economic activities of this country are been executed like before and just like any other person living in Cameroon.